Long Island Glampers was founded on a dream and a love of camping.  The owners, Hal and Rachel Kench, have been camping/RV'ing across the country as a family since 2005, and Rachel grew up camping on the outer beach.  Together, they have visited all 48 contiguous states, 10 countries, and 4 continents. They decided to combine their passion for the outdoors with their love of comfort travel - and Long Island Glampers was born.  Hoping to make the natural beauty of Long Island accessible to as many as possible, Rachel and Hal are excited to introduce the wonders of Glamping to the world!


Glamping Amenities

"The journey of creating Long Island Glampers has been exciting, rewarding and joyful.  Working side-by-side, realizing a shared vision -  these are the things that built Long Island Glampers.  Even the children help out!  We're so excited to see where this road takes us...and we can't wait to share the wonders of glamping with the world!"   

      - Rachel

"If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.  And since nobody's going to pay me to sit on a beach, I'll take the next best thing, CAMPING!  Camping is the glue that helps hold our family together.  We are all very fortunate to get along in close quarters.   Sitting around a campfire, gazing at the stars, hiking the wonderful trails of Long Island, swimming, surfing or snorkeling at our beautiful beaches- these things have provided us with countless hours of quality time and bonding.  We want to share that magic with folks who are camperless.  Just think, when your kids are camping with you, they're a captive audience!  Bonding in the great outdoors and taking the time to "unplug" has blessed us with some  of our most wonderful family moments."

     -Hal (a.k.a Tackleberry)

Living Room:

TV/DVD player  

Board Games

3 Family friendly DVDs



Fire pit (Bring your own fire wood)

Camping chairs

Small Table

Outdoor carpet

Potable water container

2000 watt generator 






Keurig Coffee Maker


Plates, bowls (or bring paper plates to conserve water)

Disinfecting products


First Aid Kit

Things you may want to bring:


EZ Up Shade

Extra camp or beach chairs

Beach towels



( A complete list of suggested items can be viewed HERE.